The Greatest Balls

Why can we say we make the greatest soccer balls? As players, coaches, designers, and entrepreneurs we wanted to create a great ball that could hold its own among the top names around the world.

Here are the 5 essential metrics we believe make our balls the greatest you've (probably) never heard of.

#1: The Greatest Durability


Colligo soccer balls are durable ... like extremely durable. Our thermally-bonded technology and seamless full-grain synthetic leather polyurethane (PU) surface layer make Colligo balls the gold standard for durability and longer-lasting play.

No more tearing seams or balls that look like they've been through the wood chipper after a few intense pick-up games.

As players and coaches we want the most durable ball available ... we think you do too.

#2: The Greatest Playability


Colligo balls are built to exceed FIFA and NFHS standards.

Our specially-engineered butyl bladder reinforces shape integrity and locks in air. In fact our balls are shipped partially-inflated to maintain roundness from our warehouse to your first strike and beyond.

Our thermal-bond technology and synthetic PU surface take our balls even further by repelling water, mud, and debris. Colligo balls are perfect for wet or dry conditions and won't leave you holding an egg-shaped ball that weighs twice as much in the second-half.

#3: The Greatest Flight


Our ball's seamless surfacesoptimal roundness and specialized materials provide truer flight, higher accuracy, and long-distance aerodynamic lift.

Our Pro Ball features a unique golf ball texture designed to create in-flight curve (known as the Magnus Effect) so you can bend that strike into the back of the net.

#4: The Greatest Feel


Our cushion core, butyl bladder, foam layer and synthetic leather unite to create the perfect balance of soft touch and precise control.

Colligo balls dynamically adjust to maximize the surface area for greater contact between the ball and your foot. When you strike it you'll know.

#5: The Greatest Design


Colligo is made up of players, coaches, entrepreneurs and designers. Our team believes in great design. Our attention to detail is borderline obsessive ... but in a healthy way.

We work hard to design beautiful, unique soccer balls that turn heads and elevate the style of your game in more ways than one.

You'll know when you strike one